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Elan Sector 82 isn’t just a project; it’s an investment haven. Located in the heart of Gurugram, it’s strategically positioned for those who seek rental income from a bustling commercial mall. The First-Ever Mall in New Gurugram, Sector 82, spread across 10 prime acres within the sprawling DLF and Vatika townships, makes it the perfect recipe for a lucrative investment.

Food court shops

BEST Investment opportunity - Elan sector 82, gurgaon

We understand that in the corporate world, it takes innovation to succeed. That’s why Elan Sector 82 isn’t your run-of-the-mill project. It’s a dynamic space designed to inspire success. With state-of-the-art amenities, unmatched connectivity, and a five-star hotel-like Ambience Mall, it’s more than just real estate; it’s a lifestyle statement.

Gurgaon, is a thriving hub of economic activity, and it’s no surprise that investors are constantly on the lookout for promising opportunities. Elan Builder’s upcoming commercial project in Sector 82, Gurgaon, presents a compelling case for investors not to miss out.

WHY Elan sector 82

Miracles Apollo Cradle / Spectra Hospital in Sector 82, Gurgaon, is a healthcare institution that stands as a beacon of exceptional medical care in the heart of the city.

The development of the Dwarka Expressway Link Road has triggered a real estate boom in the surrounding areas, including Sector 82. Investors and developers have shown a keen interest in this region due to its improved connectivity, leading to the construction of residential and commercial projects.

the Guru Dronacharya Sports Academy in Sector 82, Gurgaon, is a testament to the pursuit of excellence in sports. It provides a nurturing environment where athletes can harness their potential, develop their skills, and chase their dreams.


HOSPITAL - Miracles Apollo Cradle


Sports Academy

Tentative Elan 82 Commercial Project Pricing


FloorTypeSize (in sqft.)Price
GROUND FLOORRETAIL1200 - 300038K - 40K
1STFLOORRETAIL800 - 200022K - 24K
2NDFLOORFOOD COURT600 - 150018K - 20K
3RDFLOORCINEMA/FEZ500 - 600015K - 18K
4THFLOORRESTAURANT2000 - 350013K - 15K

Elan 82 Project Perks:

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FAQ for COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Elan Sector 82 , Gurgaon

What is the Elan Sector 82 project in Gurgaon?

The Elan Sector 82 project in Gurgaon is a commercial property development by Elan Builders. It offers a range of commercial spaces, including retail shops, office spaces, and more.

What are the investment opportunities available in Elan Sector 82?

  • Investors can choose from a variety of options, including retail shops, office spaces, and food courts, providing flexibility to tailor their investments to their preferences.

What are the key amenities and features of this project?

Elan Sector 82 is expected to offer modern amenities, innovative design, ample parking, and a conducive environment for businesses and customers.


Is Elan Builder a reputable developer?

Yes, Elan Builder has a strong track record in the real estate industry, known for delivering quality projects on time, which instills confidence in investors.

What is the potential for rental income with Elan Sector 82 investments?

Given its prime location in Gurgaon and the growing demand for commercial spaces, investors can anticipate attractive rental income potential.

How can I book a space in Elan Sector 82?

  • To book a space in Elan Sector 82, you can get in touch with us to discuss availability, pricing, and booking procedures.

Are there financing options available for investors?

All banks offer loans for commercial property investments. We are happy to assist you on loans and help you to get lowest interest on loan

What are the expected returns on investment (ROI) for Elan Sector 82?

While ROI can vary based on several factors, including location and market conditions, Elan Sector 82's strategic location and quality development suggest the potential for competitive returns.

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